Music has always been a part of Titch growing up, and it ended up being an escape from the outside world. Using a combination hip-hop and RnB to influence his sound Titch always produces a great combination of the two. A plethora of artists have inspired Titch and his versatility is a testimony to this fact. Titch began writing because he believed that writing music and being successful in the music industry is something that he was capable of doing. Titch has been rapping since he was 5 and his motivation boils down to being successful towards something he’s extremely passionate about, which of course is his talent. Moreover, the reaction he gets whenever he finishes a performance gives him the extra drive to want to achieve more and it motivates him immensely. His favorite quote is “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”


Titch Gotti

Rapper – Hip Hop, Rap