An active young sport enthusiast Stxkz, is an energetic and charismatic rapper from South London. Born in the late 80’s, Stxkz is music lover of a variety of genres. This includes, House, Rock and Rnb. Moreover, Stxkz is also a big fan of live acoustics and the use of electronic sounds. He listens to all types of music from the likes of the legendary Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman and mostly 90s Rap and RnB. As a lyricist, Stxkz specialises in wordplay and diverse flows to really captivate his audience. He also loves to play with his style and delivery with light singing elements. Discovering his talent from as young as 14, Stxkz is now very passionate about his music listening to new and old releases every day without fail. Ultimately, Stkxz wants his music to make a positive impact towards culture and to create a different worldview for listeners who may not be sure of their path.



Rapper – Hip Hop, Rap