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Shannan Amira

Singer/Songwriter – Gospel, Soul, RnB


Shannan Amira is an extremely passionate young lady with an outstanding voice. She has a strong interest in live music, performing is certainly one of her strong points. Shannan loves how different sounds work together, hearing harmonies, instruments and different tones really catches her attention. When hearing these sounds together she becomes inspired and can easily incorporate this into her own music and performances. Shannan has excelled in the art of songwriting, she draws inspiration from all walks of life. There aren’t many singers that have drive like Shannan, she has an unquenchable passion to sing, she literally needs to sing as much as she needs to breathe. Her biggest motivation is to change lives, help others and promote positivity through her music. Amongst being tweeted by Jamal Edwards himself and Grammy Nominated Anita Wilson, Shannan has been honoured with amazing achievements such as performing at the 195 BAFTA for The Back 2 Black Awards and Winning Westfield Artist of the Month. Shannan’s favourite quote is “Be the person you needed when you was younger”. She surely is a role model for this new generation of kids.