Rapper – Hip-Hop, Rap


ROCxNOIR an emerging rapper/ artist out of East London is creating a lane for himself with an unorthodox style, veering away from the traditional grime sound of his environment. A product of the era of pirate radio & dubplates, his influences are without a doubt saturated with traces of underground legends such as Wiley, Dizzee Rascal & Kano to name a few. However with his come up being engulfed by the digital age he has drawn influences from multiple sources, unfamiliar to his homegrown London roots to compromise the unique structure that is his style; all the while maintaining an organic & original feel that his audience are immediately drawn to.

His musicality’s individual feel dwells from his almost script like approach to his art, using his dark & moody instrumentals along with his lyricism to bring you to whatever realm he feels to concoct, to provoke his desired effect & emotion. With his delivery exhibiting the grittiness, pain, vulnerability or superhuman status given to himself, ROCxNOIR challenges his audience with a variety of sounds, concepts & feelings that delve deeper into the world of this emerging star.

ROCxNOIR: With his name symbolising the self empowered aura of his sound, roots & soul, it’s clear that his message layered beneath his music is set to cause an unparalleled impact with the uncompromising dignity within his art.