Reece Proctor

Purple Elephant



Reece Proctor is an inspirational director and founder of the production company “Purple Elephant”. Reece has been directing since he was a child, everything he’s achieved has been self taught and he has now been professionally directing for 7 years. Reece enjoyed making videos of him and his friends, which inspired him to start directing from a young age. Once he’d watched the footage back, he loved how they looked and soon found out he could make a living out of directing. He then decided he couldn’t see himself doing anything else, which shows Reece is very passionate about his craft from an early stage in his life. Reece’s motivation comes from knowing he can produce great visual concepts for the stories that need to be told. He has featured in SBTV, MTV, GRMDaily and LinkUpTV. Reece also has a variety of amazing achievements under his belt including working with celebrity artist Ed Sheeran and producing live interactive TV by the age of 21.