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Singer, Songwriter / RnB, Soul, Pop


The quality, rare talent and soulful voice that comes from this artistic individual is what the industry and major labels search high and low for. Edward O’Micah is a Singer and Songwriter from South London. He has the perfect Baritone voice by default and can transition to a bass baritone with ease. His heavy voice is darker, rich and much more powerful than the average. On stage, he always produces a sound that automatically catches the audience’s ear. Edward’s music career started at Saint Francis Xavier College at the age of 16 where he was introduced to music industry master classes. At this stage, he had grasped his potential and was quickly spotted by artist manager and teacher, Francis Winston, who coached him for 2 years. He has gained experience from a variety of live performances around London and wants to pursue his dream of performing across the globe. Edward’s main goal is to be signed to Roc Nation and knowing that, one of his many inspirations, J Cole is signed to that label motivates him extensively. Edward has also worked as a backing singer for major artist Jessica ‘Spark’ Morgan who was signed to warner. Pop, Freestyle Soul, Hip-Hop and RnB are some of the genres that influence Edward’s profession. His favourite quote is from another big inspiration in his life, his brother, which is “A man is not defined by his assets but by how one can overcome adversities.”