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With its humble beginnings as a YouTube channel, Link Up TV has evolved with the UK scene. Establishing itself as a leading broadcaster of music and entertainment, the team of videographers, editors and writers have created and developed a brand; a brand which is now recognised as one of the best and biggest platforms for rising talent to develop. With a host of artists to have featured on the various facets of Link Up TV, such as there hit freestyle series, “Behind Barz” or their “Live Sessions” , Link Up TV’s collective efforts have helped shine a light on prospective youngsters across the country.

Their policy of “Quality Control” ensures that they only allow the very best artists on there platform. This means viewers will do less filtering when looking for your latest material. Link Up TV receive on average 8,000,000+ monthly YouTube views, this means your content has an extremely high chance of being viewed by thousands of different people across the UK.

In addition to their YouTube channel, they now have a huge ever-growing platform consisting of four entertainment websites and three apps which achieve over 15,000,000 monthly hits.

A combination of their high work rate/good work ethic, efficiency and high level production, has resulted in the entertainment industry giving them recognition. Both their music videos and “behind-the-scenes” footage have featured on websites such as WorldStarHipHop, plus some content have made it onto television channels such as: MTV Base, BBC, Channel 4, Channel AKA, The Box, Kiss and Clubland to name a few.