An incredible Hip Hop rapper, producer and guitarist, Miles jones is famously known for his stage name as Jay Jones for his talent and skill. He started rapping from a very young age due to the positive influence and support shown by his friends. He also started producing because Kellogg’s had a Dance Ejay demo in their cereal box. It was with Dance Ejay that Classic made his first beats. Moreover, Jay Jones has always loved the art of rap and imagined being a rapper himself one day. He started writing and producing at the tender age of 8. Jay Jones not only produces and raps but the ladies love the fact that he can also speak Spanish! Some of the genres that influence Jay Jones’ discipline are Jazz, Garage, Samba Neo-Soul and Gospel. His favorite quote is “What a man sows is what a man reaps”.


Jay Jones

Rapper/MC/Singer – Hip-Hop, Soul, RnB, Grime