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Ellie Carnie

Singer/Songwriter – Pop, Soul, RnB


This 90’s baby has the sweetest personality with a powerhouse of a voice. She’s a really artistic Singer and Songwriter who lives, loves and breathes Urban RnB, Motown & Soul taking inspiration from the likes of Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, Rihanna and many more. Motown artists inspire Ellie extensively mostly because of the authenticity of their sound which she wants to implement in her voice. Ellie has a very soulful powerful voice and plays with this effortlessly during her performances. Singing from the age of 8, Ellie has gained positive feedback & encouragement to date, which makes her believe she is truly talented. Ellie’s one true motivation is the creativity she holds in her mind. She knows her worth and is capable of delivering crazy yet amazing performances. Ellie is on the roll racking up quite the attention with artists Lady Leshurr talking about her on Instagram after opening up for her show and working with Haile from WESTRN. Ellie has performed for Eleven Paris, an International French Fashion brand since 2003, at their store on Carnaby Street for one of their big events during Christmas. Moreover, Ellie has also auditioned for X factor and performed for Louis from One Direction! ‘Major Key’ is Ellie’s favorite quote, as she believes that everything has a key to it.