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Dee Kay

Rapper/MC/Singer – Hip-Hop, Soul, RnB, Grime


Dee Kay is a very smart and talented artist, he’s coming into the industry covering all bases. Dee both raps and sings but doesn’t compromise quality on either. David loves to sing, he can also perform spoken word and is amazing at doing so. He’s always had talents but, only after really believing they have been gifted to him by God did he start to put them to good use. After debuting his material Dee Kay was asked to performed some original content at Fairfield halls. Additionally, David writes for other artists too. God is David’s main motivation, the belief and conviction that he can accomplish his goal becoming a well renowned artist constantly pushes him to strive for success. Dee Kay’s favorite quote is “All things are possible to them that believe” – Mark 9:23. Through years of effort, David has risen to the heights of his profession. He is most definitely one to keep an eye on, a diamond in the rough.