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Rapper/MC – Grime, Hip-Hop, Rap


Bar4Bar is well renowned for his talent and above all knowledge in his field. He is a god gifted rapper from south London born in the 90’s with a love for basketball. B4B is an established artist who has created an extensive body of work from writing grime lyrics in high school to being a public figure in one of the most popular fixtures in the rap scene, Hardest Bars. He became particularly interested in music from when he first heard Michael Jackson, which amazed and urged him to put pen to paper to try and write his own lyrics. All this was happening at the time of So Solid Crew’s emergence. Rapping from the age of 17, at an early stage he was very competitive in the grime scene and wanted to outdo his friends. In doing so, he discovered he had a natural aptitude for music, which took over his thirst for basketball. He realised with this ability he could have a career opportunity and followed his heart. To date, Bar4Bar has a truckload of achievements. Being a judge on one of London’s biggest talent shows, Unsigned Stars, liaising with government officials working with Hackney council to re-launch and rebrand one of their schemes and releasing the acclaimed Popular Stranger mix tape in 2012 are just a few of the many achievements which have led to his success today. Mikill Pane, Stormzy and Dice Hoods Hottest to mention a few artists, all recognize Bar4Bar and honor his name for his hard work. Moreover, he has been featured in the MTV wrap up article for his view on the innovation & growth of the UK Rap scene. So many artists inspire and influence Bar4Bar’s profession through the genres of Rock, Acoustic, Synth Pop, Hip Hop and RnB but one artist that sticks out is Jay Z, as his favorite quote comes from the lyrics “People look at you strange say you changed, like you worked that hard to stay the same”.