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Singer/Songwriter – Pop, Soul, RnB


AEO is an ambitious Singer and Songwriter from South London who is talented beyond belief. As well as singing, AEO is well known for his great acting skills. Born 1993, AEO started his journey in music within a choir at Primary School. It was only due to an announcement, at that stage about being in a choir, that AEO felt intrigued and decided to audition for the choir during his break. It was at the tender age of 5 that AEO had been selected to be in the school choir. His talent was nurtured and has flourished to become what it is today, a Soul RnB and Pop artistic singer. AEO holds quality and personal experiences that have helped him believe and achieve his goals. He will not stop here, his vision and his current surroundings are his biggest motivation and when he reflects on both it gives him the drive to continue. Some of AEO’s biggest achievements include performing at the live final of Unsigned Stars and being a contestant on the Gifted showcase. AEO’s favorite quote is ‘Do not despise the days of the small beginnings’.